Are you looking to provide your management and staff with additional support and supervision during the implementation of a change or skills training as well as advice and interim management, Sense FM is able to provide support in the form of coaching.

From an independent position, the Sense FM coach will focus on the individual and identify the optimum balance between the individual and their performance. The coach makes use of his professional knowledge and experience in the field of Facility Management, combined with his knowledge and experience as a professional coach.

The Sense FM coach is aimed at managers and/or staff. All will receive specific feedback and support, and learn how to bring about changes in their behaviour. The coach provides them with a sparring partner from outside their own organisation. As a result, they are better capable of achieving their objectives.
In particular as follow up to a consultancy programme, a change process or a training scheme, the use of the Sense FM coach can provide excellent backup and support. For coaching, too, we guarantee the result, in the same way that we offer guaranteed results for consultation and interim assignments.

The Sense FM coach is professionally trained, commands the 11 core competences of a professional coach as formulated by the International Coach Federation Nederland (ICF) organisation, and operates according to the ICF code of conduct.