Cyclisch-InkoopprocesmodelSense FM operates a process-based approach to every assignment. No theme is unique, but is in fact always related to what precedes or follows it. This is expressed in the portfolio of services available from Sense FM. (See below.)

The optimum provision of services, irrespective of the management form, always starts with a clear policy vision. In that connection, contract management remains just as important whether implemented internally, or outsourced. A clear focus on the various areas for attention and the links between them offers the greatest likelihood of optimisation. Sense FM guarantees the results of its efforts.

Portfolio of services


Policy and organisation

Drawing up of FM policy plan/annual plans
• Management form analysis (make or buy analysis)
• Purchasing policy support for facility services
• Drawing up of Product and service catalogue and SLAs
• Concept development and design
• Dashboard development

Purchasing and implementation


• Supervision of tendering and/or recontracting of facility services
• Supervision of European tendering processes
• Purchase support for facility services
• Optimisation of the purchasing process
• Purchasing portfolio analyses
• Description of purchasing processes and procedures


• Implementation supervision for new contracts
• Implementation supervision Concept development
• NEN 2748 standard implementation
• Budget supervision, collective labour agreement interpretations

Contract management

Financial audit
• Quality audit
• Customer satisfaction survey
• Invoice audit
• Budget supervision

Evaluation and optimisation

• Updating Service level, Schedule of Requirements, SLAs
• Supplier evaluation internal processes
• Benchmarking
• Quick Scan
• Extensive survey