Environmental awareness

Sense FM is fully aware of its environment, and acts accordingly. This is expressed in everything we do and who we are. Respect for nature and follow human beings is a basic principle in all our operations. We also focus specifically on current social themes such as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), health and environmental awareness. After all, making a difference starts with yourself. In all our processes, we believe in and strongly support equal opportunities for all.

Not self-evident

Training and education are important ingredients for the development of any country. However, this is not equally self-evident everywhere. For that reason, we believe that wherever they live, children are entitled to an education.

An organisation that actively and successfully implements that objective is Save the Children Nederland. Sense FM has opted to provide both support and a financial contribution to the activities of Save the Children.

Facilitating development

Sense FM contributes to projects aimed at providing facilities for education. In that way, we help provide an opportunity for development and a (better) future. Is your organisation interested in becoming involved? Then contact us, or Save the Children direct. We will be happy to tell you about our experiences.