Catering, reception and security

Our common sense and feeling for service provision are expressed in facility services where hospitality plays a key role, such as catering, reception and security. These services demand a relatively high level of management attention. At the same time, the level of service has a major influence on the perception of the users and the service costs. Sense FM can provide the development of service concepts right through to the tendering of management and follow-up supervision, in the form of contract management.

Purchasing and contract management

Catering, reception and security are services increasingly commonly outsourced. In that process, above all the provision of the services is outsourced and not its supervision. Nonetheless, specifically that supervision task – also known as contract management – is crucial in assuring quality and managing costs. A precondition for good contract management is a good purchasing process and vice versa. Sense FM operates the cyclic purchasing process model for facility services, developed by Anton Daamen.