Anton Daamen MFM


HBO-FD Facility Management (previously THW) Nima A marketing Course Senior Facility Manager Master of Facility Management (MFM), Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Work experience

2007-present Consultant/ owner Sense FM 1999-2007 Managing consultant Hospitality Consultants Albron Catering 1998-1998 Cost Control /Paardekoper & Hofman Accountants Consultant and subject specialist Food and Catering 1989-1998 Various positions in operations, sales and controlling From 2000-present Various lecturing positions, seminars

Consulting experience

A wide range of consultancy assignments including tendering for facility services (including catering, hospitality and vending catering), contract management, quick scans, purchasing policy and optimisation, concept development, optimisation and professionalisation of catering services for: Government: Ministries, municipalities and house of the province. Business and industry: accountancy firms, law firms, international industrial companies, trade business, construction company, logistic organisations, banking institutions, medical expenses insurers and a sportswear manufacturer. Care: institutions and hospital Education: universities and higher professional education
Interim: Director Facilities, Manager FM, Implementation manager, Purchase manager, project manager


Anton Daamen MFM